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Unisex Wireless - Stress Relief Head Massage

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Do you have the following pain?

Hard to fall asleep.
Sleep slightly (caused by nightmares).
Energy cannot be restored after sleep.
Easy awakening, sensitive to sound or light.
Insomnia due to physical illness.
Caused by mental or emotional illness.
Caused by alcohol, irritants, or other substances.
Depression, fear, fatigue, absence of mind.



Our new anti-insomnia medical device uses cranial electrical stimulation (TSNS) to increase sleep time, reduce sleep disorders and improve overall sleep quality. It's very easy to use and very effective. 


Latest Stress Relief Head Massage Instrument mainly helps people with poor sleep quality to help you fall asleep as soon as possible. At the same time, it has the function of relieving rest and anxiety and depression.

Top technology, quality assurance

Use TSNS stimulus wave, increase endorphin secretion in the brain, block the transmission of pain nerve, achieve relaxation and injury-prone effect, relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotions, help or sleep well.

Advanced technology, quality assurance, far away from drugs, convenient, painless, head-mounted equipment, to avoid drug dependence and side effects, economic and low patient burden.

3 massage modes function: 

1) Sleep mode: low-Frequency pulse relieves nerves and pressure, assisting users to sleep in calm mode.

2) Depression mode: Relax the mind, and relieve working pressure.

3) Relief mode: Stimulate the brain for the release of endorphins to restrain painlessness.

Pay attention- 

Heart disease patients, patients with severe painful diseases, pregnant women, abnormal blood pressure, and sweaty body wet due to shower.

(1) Recent brain or facial trauma.

(2) Skin abrasion on the forehead and upper electrode application site.

(3) Do not use it while driving.

(4) If you encounter acute headache, which is an unusual headache with sudden onset, you can not use the sleep meter, but seek medical treatment when using it. If headaches come from the proximal end or have unusual properties, we stress that you must seek medical attention at regular intervals.

Package Content:

1 x main device

1 x charging cord

2 x massage pads


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