Smart Toilet Seats

What is a smart toilet seat?

The main reason customers usually buy toilet seats is to replace it because the hinge is broken but by adding rubber bumpers to the toilet seat. We have now reduced that potential as well as providing the customer a more secure fit to the toilet seat

Issue Facing:
Become an issue with toilet seats is that the seeking shift from side to side causing the seat to become loose over time by adding grip tight bumpers to the seat.
We have solved this problem: you can see when sitting the bumpers hold the seat securely in place and for rent the hinges are breaking. In fact, it's so effective

Colorful feature:
The seat does not have to be installed for it. To work grip take you three seats includes colors quiet clothes technology a feature that eliminates slamming.
Our quick-release function provides easy removal for cleaning and with quick attach the seat can be installed fast and securely.

Varieties of seats:
The line comes in a variety of styles elongated round and transitions so there is a design for every home.
The Lotus bidet seat is quite easy I would like to share with you:

1) In a few simple steps remove the existing seat and lid clean.

2) The toilet surface shuts off the water valve.

3) Flush toilet removes existing supply hose connect eval fat.

4) Thread from tank reconnects water supply hose to the bottom of the valve.

5) Attach the bidet hose to the T valve.
6) Put the bolt case on top of the base plate put vault into bolt case.

7) Flip the Lotus pad a seat and hold the base plate and slide into the unit hold the main unit and insert the mounting bolts to the toilet mounting holes.

8) Put the cone packaging and that together and tighten two bolts.

9) Connect the bidet hose to the Lotus pad.

10) A seat check any leaks at teeth out turn on the water valve plug into GFCI outlet push the wash button on the control panel to fill the water tank of low deceit completely.

Make sure you hear water filling then set up the seat and water temperature.

Lotus bidet seat will be ready for your use. Join the wash don't wipe revolution experience brand else. Wash luxury bidet toilet seat easily.
Self-installed the swash provides a luxurious upgrade to your existing toilet. The swash has been specifically engineered for NorthAmerican toilets with a sleek shape for a perfect toilet fit and a hidden pocket to ensure that the electrical cord and water hose stay talked out of sight.
The design is like nothing else on the market blending into the day-core of any bathroom stainless steel has proven to be more hygienic and longer-lasting than industry-standard plastic that's why we use stainless steel for our dual nozzle system.

Fresh aerated water flows through the nozzles providing both posterior and feminine washes. Each nozzle is adjustable to one of seven positions and offers water pressure adjustment unique to the swash is a variety of spray widths ranging from a narrow concentrated stream to a wide gentle spray. The "oscillation function" gently moves the nozzles back and forth for a thoroughly clean a heated air.
On special demand:
The dryer features adjustable warm air temperature allowing for a hands-free experience.

The nozzles self-clean after every wash with the additional feature of on-demand sterilization providing extra assurance that your nozzles remain germ-free. The swash provides endless warm water. Washes with four temperature settings thanks to its innovative tankless ceramic core heating system.
An active carbon deodorizer neutralizes bad odors at the source ensuring that the swash keeps your bathroom environment fresh and clean the sleek wireless remote control has a magnetic dock and is specifically designed for easy operation the remote allows you to store your wash preferences with two programmable user settings and offers a "OneTouch auto-setting" for any user to experience a full wash and dry cycle you deserve a better bathroom experience. Join the wash don't wipe revolution today.

I hope this information would help you with the "Smart Toilet Seats" and it's advantages.

So write your experience to us if you like it.

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