New Year

What is the best way to celebrate the New Year?

A New year is a celebration starting off a fresh year with a new calendar.
The first day of January is marked as an "International holiday"

The New Year Eve is celebrated worldwide with full excitement and passion.

People use to make New Year Resolution: They promise to themselves to leave a bad habit.

It is celebrated in various countries by different styles. The traditions vary from place to place.

New Year Parties defines the coming of a new beginning, where people use to celebrate the passing of old things and welcoming the new one.

Take a quick look at how New Year is celebrated in different regions across the world.

In Denmark, it is celebrated by smashing of crockery/plates in front of your friend's door. It's a unique way of New Year celebration while in most of the countries one can host the parties.

In China, it is celebrated as a colorful event with full of excitement. Here the New year tradition is giving cash in red envelopes. Another tradition is bursting firecrackers.

In Spain, it is celebrated by eating 12 grapes with each stroke. And if you are successful in this, then the tradition says you will have a prosperity year ahead.

In Japan, it is celebrated by ringing bells at 108times. According to the Buddhist tradition, it's a number of human desires.

In America, it is celebrated by doing parties with friends and family. Also a large chunk of people ventures to time square in New York City to see the New Year Eve Ball. Burst firecracker and use to kiss each other for a fresh start of New Year.

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