Halloween is almost upon us!

The time of horror speculation, mysterious creativity has/going to come again/coming soon, This Scary Halloween festival is celebrated every year on 31st October. It is an annual holiday celebrated in full scary mood and also it's one of the important festivals. On this day People use to attend Church services, do prayers, fasting & vigil. People of every age enjoy this festival by wearing spooky masks, dresses like witches & creatures, zombie sacred tattoos, along with scary makeup. It's the festival where kids, adults or even pets enjoyed a lot.

lace eye mask masquerade

Moreover, Halloween costumes of adults differently designed like witch, vampire, ghost, evil, which gives you the feeling of Halloween celebration. It is the only festival in which people wear terrible different dresses which feel likewise ghost because it's the festival where Ghosts and Spirits were believed to be abroad, in other words, "Celtic Festival"

Halloween is the most popular ritual like Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, Easter and Valentine's day.
It is known to be more "trick festival than treat"

How Halloween is celebrated / what is Halloween:

* On this day mostly mankind do get together with friends and loved ones to do spooky things.

* Children will parade from one home to another

* All people including pets would dress and do makeup to look like frightening horrifying.

* Pumpkins are served on this day

* Horrifying tattoos are most popular along with other things

* Masks are also most popular on this day


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This Halloween season 2019 will bring happiness and you all enjoy in your scary terrifying styles.

Please write to us your experience of 2019 Halloween.

Hope you like this Halloween article, God bless you all.

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