Black Friday 2019

Black Friday

The day for which people waited the whole year is now coming. The Day which is known only for Shopping Shopping and Shopping is called  "BLACK FRIDAY " 

Black Friday will gonna celebrated on 29- Nov-2019 this year.

Why it's called Black Friday:

It's called Black Friday because the huge shopper masses create jams, accidents or sometimes violence  while shopping due to all these mishappenings, congestion on roads, pileup with a lot of fuss during shopping it is known as "Black Friday"

Who named it Black Friday:

The Philadelphia Police Department has given Black Friday name following to the Thanksgiving.

History of Black Friday
Basically it's the day that is famous for shopping after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a national holiday, it's an important day of celebration. On this day people began their day from giving the thanks for the gracing of harvest.

So after thanksgiving, the black Friday began, people usually on 4 days weekend holiday.

In previous times (the late 1950s) the day only familiar with relaxing day after Thanksgiving to relax with a four day weekend. later it got the name of Black Friday to know for shopping.

It's the biggest day for shopping before Christmas began. Huge discounts offer float on this day. Human beings do a lot of shopping on this day. It's the only day within the year when shopkeepers, retailers don't get time to sit free coz they are so busy while taking care of customers. Even they opened their store early in the morning and closes at late mod night as it is fully packed with the crowd.

Two-way benefit:

You can also say that Black Friday is a two-way benefit for both the customers and shopkeepers as well coz people use to buy at large ratio due to heavy discounts. Moreover, first come first serve offer availability and Shopkeepers make a lot of profits simultaneously.
Celebration in various parts:

Traditionally it is celebrated in the United Kingdom and after that United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Sweden, and many more regions.

So grab your seat belts and ready for this ultimate shopping day named as

"Black Friday"

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