2019 Christmas

Which day it is celebrated?
It's is Glorify on 25th December every year.

Christmas is one of the biggest festivals of Christians in the entire year. Christmas means happiness, it's a festival of togetherness with everyone. Moreover, it's the festival of Christians community though it is celebrated worldwide by all religion people as well.

The history behind Celebration of Christmas:
On this pure day Jesus Christ took birth in the state of humanity in the womb of Mary, who is known by the name "Son Of God", So this auspicious day is celebrated in that movement.

The name Christmas is a mixture of two words: Christ+Mass where Christ means (Jesus) and Mass means (Service)
On Christmas, Christians use to remember that Jesus died for us to take away our sins and then came back after 4days to life for us again.
It's the one and only SERVICE which was allowed to take place after sunset that is why people had it at Midnight.

Why it is celebrated on 25 December?
Honestly, there is no date mentioned in Holy book "Bible" though in Roman emperor time named Constantine it was first celebrated on 25 December.
Moreover, when an angel told to Mary that she gonna give birth to a Special Child to be known as "Son of God" in the world was on 25 March, Exact after nine months is 25 December.
So, no one exactly knew the exact date and time when Jesus born though initially around the fourth century the church had fixed the date which is 25 December, and after that, the universe has been commemorated on 25 December.

How it is celebrated?
1month before people use to start shopping for themselves and for their near dear as well. Start decorating their home, shops with colourful blinking lights, especially with lighted big stars it's the main centre of attraction. Christmas trees have been decorated with snow, gifts, stars, along with Santa faces and with many more decorated items.

Christmas tree: Traditionally fir tree has been used as a Christmas tree by Christians. Furthermore, this Fir tree has been using as a sign of endless "life with God" which is why the Christmas tree is been an important part of Christmas Celebrations.
Markets have become attractively decorated during the Christmas Eve lights blinks everywhere people wear mostly red colour dresses,
Why Red colour most popular on Christmas?
Usually, you all are aware that Red is the symbol of love & happiness. Importantly this colour is the symbol of "JESUS CHRIST Blood", and also Jesus wants to connect people with one another.
This Red colour indicates the same thing.

Everyone uses to exchange gifts with each other, use to sing :
"Jingle bell, Jingle bells jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh,
Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way"
This popular Song will sing by everyone on this special day.
Everybody looks excitedly cheerful while celebrating this heart full festival.

Christmas Celebrations begins by attending services in Church, doing prayers by the name of the lord, with pure heart by remembering their "Son Of God" (Jesus Christ), After the end of the prayer, everyone starts the festival by taking the first supper.

So start shopping and come together to celebrate this Christmas which is the symbol of togetherness, joyful, love, equality.


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