BioEnergy Code, Science Behind the

7 Chakras Review

What is the BioEnergy Code?

BioEnergy Code is the only manifestation program based on the ancient chakra teachings, break through neuroscience and the BioEnergy switch present inside everyone. It is so powerful, quick and simple to use, People who want to change their life through the BioEnergy Code, will get access to a comprehensive manual called The BioEnergy Code Manual, along with the audio meditation program. This helps the buyers to understand the theory of audio frequencies (432Hz frequency,  the God frequency) which help in the body's alignment bioenergy. 

Want to discover the Science behind the 7 Chakras?

1.   Root Chakra

2.   Sacral Chakra

3.   Solar Plexus Chakra

4.   Heart Chakra

5.   Throat Chakra

6.   Third Eye Chakra

7.   Crown Chakra

Our body has bioenergy centers called chakras. They take energy in, stores them and releases. When this energy gets blocked by traumatic events, painful experience, disappointments and setbacks then it is not possible to manifest our desires. It is called Blocked BioEnergy.

It is a 30-minute audio meditation to listen it once every day. It transforms your BioEnergy from a force that’s working against you by clearing it away.

•    Keeps you connected in relationships and source.

•    Be connected to financial abundance.

•    Dissolve negative energy

•    Positive control of mind and body

•    Experience peace and balance

•    Transformation as per your desires

•    Makes you confident and energized.

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