Alive After The Fall

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What is Alive After The Fall?

Alive After The Fall is a comprehensively done survival guide that bases its argument on a prophecy set out in the Holy Bible and which predicts that the US is on the verge of being destructed. The guide which is compiled by a distinguished theologian and scholar, Alexander Cain, says that the Biblical Babylon is a metaphor for the modern-day US. As such, all the things that befell this hugely popular kingdom in the Bible are also about to happen to the US.

Just to jog your mind a little, in the Bible, Babylon was destroyed by a seemingly weaker enemy from its North largely due to poor and reckless leadership that infuriated God. In the case of the US, the North is occupied by Russia who are gradually but steadily preparing themselves to take over the mantle from America, a process which will come with lots of dangerous wars and loss of lives.

You definitely don’t want to be among these statistics, do you? So, what to do? Read what Alexander in his amazing Alive After the Fall program advises.

✅Based on Biblical Prophecies The author shares extensive research Into the bibles in which he quotes 4 prophets prophesying the fall of New Babylon. He shows every clue in the bible that pants to the US as this New Babylon. The explanation and research clearly show this to be the US. The fact that the US will be attacked is found in the bible.

✅Comprehensive and Easy to Understand Alexander Cain has left nothing to chance in explaining how you can survive the impending catastrophe. He presents the steps and tricks in a way that anyone can understand and apply. You won't need anyone to help you apply it

2 Bonuses Included

1) Surviving The Next

Nuclear Attack

On top of sharing crucial information on how you can overcome EMP attacks, Alexander also throws in another detailed report that seeks to show you how you can handle nuclear attacks and increase your chances of coming out alive after the ordeal.

2) Chemical Attack Survival

Just as the name suggests, this is another eye opening report that seeks to show you how to survive any form of chemical attacks. Luckily for you, you don’t require complex tools or tactics; rather, you only need simple items you already are in possession at home.

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